Monthly Archives: February 2012

Double walled forms

This is me throwing a double walled form for my studio practise module. I am using 2kgs of magma crank clay, and manage to make a double walled doughnut about 3 inches high and 11 inches wide (outer wall). What I take off the wheel here does require quite a lot of turning later, but […]


Just a couple of photos showing how my idea is progressing. I thought I was going to make bowls from these cut sections but I like them as they are. I think it helps play on the contrast I am trying to create as the viewer doesn’t associate them with anything else (e.g. a bowl). […]


Arthur and I did a Raku firing today testing glazes we had made and exploring the reduction process in greater depth. I was trying out some glazes I made using my old book: ‘Pottery: Raku Techniques’ I got for Christmas. It is a great book that has a large amount of information about both Raku […]


Over the past week, I have been involved in a soda firing. This is the process of introducing soda to the kiln atmosphere during the firing process. There are many effects that can be created using this technique, many akin to those of salt firings and wood-ash firings. The first thing I had to do […]

Turning my Chawans

Yesterday I threw a series Chawan’s as part of my research. I am trying to gain a greater understanding of the Chawan as the whole, and feel that making them is the best way to start. This was not my first attempt at making them, as on Monday I made some out of the smooth ash white body. This […]