Monthly Archives: October 2012

Technical 101: The potters wheel

For my technical project I have decided to build my own wheel. There are three main types of potter’s wheels: the electric, treadle and momentum. There are strong points to all of these wheels but they all have some drawbacks as well. First the electric wheel: there are quite a few brands of electric wheel, […]

Analysing backwards

Looking at the three beautiful jugs I put up in a post the other day you see things in them that reflect modern times. Looking at them you might see links to abstract expressionism, but does this mean that the potter who made these beautiful objects was trying to say anything of the sort when […]

Thoughts on group crit

I had my first group crit of this project yesterday with Natasha, it was quite interesting. I don’t know whether I would say that it was entirely helpful but it did make me think about some of things I have been interested in over the first week of the project. I tried to explain how I feel about the area of ceramics that I’m […]

Characterful Pots

Here are a couple of medieval pots I have taken from Bernard Rackham’s “Medieval English Pottery” These  pots completely encapsulate what great hand made ceramics can be. They shout at you fullness, life and expression. They have good character, these are the quality’s I feel people have forgotten about, yet there context is the same, people homes. The world has changed though […]

Object and context

The idea that every object has a context is one that I belief in strongly, nothing has no outside pre conceived ideas about it. I like to think that the work I create sits within a context in our society. If it doesn’t why would I make it, if it wasn’t saying anything then why […]

France and Fire

Kicking off the start of the 2nd year was the France trip to La Perdrix, this is a trip that is held anually for the second years. La Perdrix is a collection of houses owned by Ingrid’s partner Johnny, a fantastic place to be creative and to have a laugh. There’s a studio, the three […]

Summer at Wobage

Over the summer I was lucky enough to be invited to Wobage Farm Craft workshops under Jeremy Steward. This has to be the most profound ceramic based experience I have had to date, but it spanned more than that for me. I learnt about so much, not just ceramics, I met so many great people, […]