Monthly Archives: November 2013

Formative statement

On Thursday I had my formative assessment of my studio practise module, it’s not going towards my grade but is rather a chance for the tutors to see how our work is progressing and for us to get feedback. As part of this process we were asked to write a short piece of text that […]


I always try and inform my work on the wheel with two dimensional exploration and experiments, which lead to me becoming inducted in the screen printing department. I have always engaged with the process of screen printing, in particular the way it facilitates layering and the creation of depth with layers. In the past I […]

Laser firing #2

Last Friday I firing the laser gas kiln at uni for the second time this term.  Despite my work having an emphasis on exploration and ideas this term it is also very important that I keep creating at least a few pots that make it to a finished state, ideas cannot be scrutinised properly unless […]

A breakthrough

Recently I have made a breakthrough in my studio practise. For a long time I have drawn from other potters work as a main source of inspiration. It’s all too easy to look at a pot you really like and think “I want to make pots like that”, you end up stealing other maker aesthetics […]


Last weekend I visited Oxford with a friend from Gothenburg. There were a several reasons for going but the main three were the Oxford ceramics fair, the Henry Moore Francis Bacon exhibition and the Pitt Rivers Museum, as well as Oxford itself being a beautiful city. The first thing we went to was the Oxford […]